SME Sales & Service, Inc. patented spring cylinders replace the standard hydraulic cylinders which are used in mill stand roll balance operations. The spring cylinder design provides constant pressure/force during the rolling operation and eliminates the need to operate the hydraulic system for the hydraulic cylinders. By eliminating the hydraulic cylinders, energy usage is conserved and fluid leaks are avoided.
The spring cylinders operate within a designed load range for multiple roll diameters and their associated roll gaps.  The spring cylinders can be supplied with two designs: A) Single roll application where one roll diameter is used in the mill stand with multiple roll gaps. B) Multiple roll applications where different roll diameters are used in the same mill stand with multiple roll gaps.
The spring cylinders are designed with matched seals to eliminate internal contamination. The cylinder bodies can be supplied in Stainless Steel or with a special Resin Bonded protective coating. Both applications provide excellent resistance to corrosion in the rolling process environment.



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