SME Sales & Service, Inc. with joint cooperation from Tenute s.r.l. located in Cambiago, Milano Italy specializes in OEM designed Seals, Excluders and O-rings for many steel mill related applications. Items can also be designed and manufactured to meet all customer needs, special design criteria and will be perfectly matched to specifications and tolerances.

Tenute s.r.l. designs and manufactures seals for dynamic and static applications in the steel, hydroelectric and petrochemical industries. Most are supplied to the steel industry, specifically mill stands, gearboxes, couplings and adapters and also to the hydroelectric industry for turbine generators.
Tenute’s facility maintains flexibility in product manufacturing with sizes up to 2500mm in diameter. The common compounds are NBR, HNBR, SILICON and FKM although specific compounds can be supplied. Seal inserts, both fabric and metallic are also available.

Use the following Chart and Technical Documentation to properly select your application or contact SME Sales & Service, Inc. for additional customer support.



Technical documentation is available for review in the below files:


. . . . . . .
Type TR-CS
Rolling Mill Sealing Rings
  Type TR-ML Rolling Mill Sealing Rings   Type TR-P Rolling Mill Sealing Rings   Type TR1-
TR2-TR3 Rolling Mill Sealing Rings
  Type TRM Rolling Mill Sealing Rings   Type TVT Rolling Mill Sealing Rings   Hydraulic and Pneumatic Internal Piston Seals   Hydraulic
and Pneumatic
Piston Rod
Type TR-AE Pressure Sealing Rings   Type TR7 Pressure Sealing Rings   Type TRM-7 Pressure Sealing Rings   Type TRN Standard Seals   Type TRS-2 Standard Seals   O-Rings
for all Applications
  Static Seals for all Applications   Seals for
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Spindle Seals




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