SME Sales & Service, Inc. offers equipment specialists for mechanical maintenance and training. Our staff operates in conjunction with the customer’s staff to allow complete overview of the procedures and follow-up requirements. Experience with many varieties of mill equipment allows coordination and recommendations based on previous experience from other facilities. Operator rolling and casting procedures, equipment start-ups and inspections are other services also provided.

Qualified specialists provide vibration testing and analysis for motors, gearboxes, fans and all equipment subject to vibration.  SME Sales & Service, Inc. also provides Monitoring Programs designed to meet customers' monthly, quarterly or yearly vibration inspections.  In all cases, detailed reports are provided along with testing data for future vibration comparisons.

The staff experience includes years of knowledge in the steel industry, engineering and specifically mill equipment supervisors and installers, mill superintendents and rollers.

Our “hands-on” specialists are well organized with excellent oral and written communication skills. Trip Reports are always issued to the customer to allow knowledge of the work performed and recommendations for future. Contact phone numbers are provided to allow any follow up questions from the customer.




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